Find YOUR Balance

Healing.  Together.

Some of us have known suffering. We have experienced it; seen it; felt it; heard it. It may have penetrated our souls and ignited our hearts. We may have known the young child who, daily, wrote on the top of her homework, "Help me". We may have seen the pain of a family separated because of violence... or drugs... or worse.


More striking is the healing we have witnessed: The child who remembers how to play. The adult who realizes she is worthy. The family back together, stronger. The person who finds purpose no matter the struggle. The hope and reality of happiness, peace, balance, understanding, acceptance, satisfaction come alive in our presence.


At Solutions Community Services, we know suffering. We understand it. We have experienced it. We know healing. Recovery. Resilency. We know hope. We witness it with you.


Each of our Solutions' professionals has had the privilege and honor of walking the unique path of recovery with hundreds of children, adolescents, and adults.

Today we are here to walk with you.


Please call Solutions today to schedule an appointment:  770-646-6806.

Serving Polk, Paulding, Haralson counties.